Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, December 08, 2016

Hello everybody! Welcome to the NSR report with Parker. We had a fun morning at our homebreak so check it out!

The swell is gone and the waves are (what we call) flat. There isn't much action out there; however, there are still fun waves to be had.

Louie is still on it though! A small day here is still a good day back home for us East Coasters. Enjoy that current pulse y'all have!!

Have you seen our forecast? The swell will be pretty similiar to this until a bump arrives around Christmas! Fingers crossed for getting barrels from Santa!!!

In the meantime, stay on the nice list and enjoy some long rolling rights. The water is warm, the wind is offshore, and the water is blue!

If this is our offseason (chest to sets of shoulder high), I think I can survive down here. Get away from the cold and snow and come for a January visit!

Be like Joe: come here every month! Working from home and living close by in Miami, he always makes quick strike missions.

And the fruits of his labor are paying off! He was driving the rails of his longboard into the rights all morning.

The CIO of the EMHEC made it out for the morning. It's time to rally the rest of the committee and shoot some fun reports!

Keep your eyes on the ocean for a sunset session. Right now, the tide is geting low and the wind is on it but all should change later in the afternoon.

Ok primos and primas, time to get some work done before then! Gear up for a fun weekend and stay tuned to our report. Hasta luego amigos!!