Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Hello surfers. This is the surf report of NSR from Nicaragua. We have a small day of waves. The wind keep strong, but less than yesterday. Some surfers in the line up were having some fun waves. Check it out.

I see a group of friend from south of California, surfing this spot and they were so stoked on this surf session in the afternoon. Here is kael riding one of the good waves in the set.

Here is Kael making the bottom turn and looking for a spot to make a trick. This wave have a little session of barrel and a wall. What he go to do?.

He was packed in this wave for a little bit, but he see the nice ramp to smash this wave. Some of his friends were watching this wave from the deck chairs in Mark and David surf camp.

One of the good things about surf is made a combo tricks in one wave. For Kael this was one good way to finish the wave.

Nacho was one of the surfer in the line up. He is a good surfer and bad dancer. Here he is trying a late back.

There are two peak working today. There are lefts and rights with good shape. Some were more powerful than others, but occasionally there are good lines.

Probably this is the only spot to have waves in a small day. The sets coming every fifteen minutes with two good waves.

Depending the angle of the waves, some waves were rolling fast and good for have speed. This waves is working the last few day and with the new swell is coming probably will be overhead and long lines.

Check this surfer having a tube!!!!!. Well he put just his head inside the wave, but guy for sure you made this before and if you do for laugh is always fun.

This is one of the cut of people made going in left. The wave is not to strong all the way to the beach, so stopping in the half of the way was the best. This surfer is used all the brake.

The best wave always break without rider. Some of the best wave are breaking before the tide is full.

Ok. Amigos. Thank for check the surf report. We probably have better waves tomorrow. So check the surf report tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.