Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 08, 2013

Hello today is a special day. A gentle offshore wind, sunny and just one surfer playing in these waves. See what happened.

This guy is called Carlos Luis, He is known as "Cabuya". He surf only when is small because he's afraid the big waves but it seems that is progressing faster.

Cabuya killed the waves right and left, I believe he go to run home to lie to everyone else and tell them that was great.

As Cabuya never gets the big waves I decided to go see another point break. And I found these fishermen, one with fishing pole and the other with craftsman reel.

The lucky touched the boy with fishing rod. Although it was a blowfish.

It was also a good day for a picnic. This group of friends enjoyed the low tide to share a basket of pineapple cakes.

Also Eneko and his friends disputed the beach volleyball world championship. That was the point of victory.

Today César and his wife decided to replay the last game in which both thought they were winning. Seem  like it's tied again.

I want you think about what is this? But for sure not are noodles.

We also want to advise that some friends are offering this good shirts for the beach and these beautiful bangles. 100% of the sale will be destined for the new library which is in El Limon # 2.

Even Simon is impressed by the colors of the products.

Also we have sunscreen of different brands and for every occasion to avoid the annoying of bring on planes and if you do not bring much cash we accept credit cards.

OK AMIGOS, next week a new swell will arrive, hopeful is overhead and bring alot of barrel. This was the blue sky we had today. Armando Lopez is out.