Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 08, 2014

The wind is here for three days and the water start to be cold, is time to found the wetsuit from the last year and start using. The waves coming overhead but the wind hold down. Check it out.

Here is Mr. Thomas, I start be like you personal photographer, everyday are more photos of you.

And Lester. I think I need a pay.

Some sets were good. Like always this guys are ready just taking the better one.

Were some floater and barrels. Check it out.

In this time of the year, this is considerate good.

Same surfer, two little one nugget. In less than ten minutes.

I know this friends was learning to surf and his teacher put him in this nice wave. He score that good overhead wave, congratulation bro.

Mr. Thomas don't need to go to Indonesia for a epic day. He always have some awesome wave down here. Ok amigos, I hope you have good waves in your homebreak, we keep a little flat, but the ocean always have something for us, we just waiting for. Armando Lopez is out.