Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 08, 2012

Que pasa muchachos?  This is Lucha Libre again with another surf report from paradise.  Still looking fun today, waist high to occasionally bigger sets, offshore wind, clean and a very sunny day.  Check it out!

Make sure to be a little deeper in the next one Dave.  Small waves but super fun and clean!

It was a nice day to take your fish out or try out your quad.  Did mention that the water was crystal clear?

A few local rippers made it out and they were tearing it up all over.  Mario about to throw the lip off the bach on this little section.

Happy holidays everyone.  Yeah folks, everybody is getting some time off right now and taking advantage of it.  A couple of Managuans are getting to the beaches and living the dream.

There were some nice sized sets rolling in and this guy was in the right spot to catch some of the better ones.  What a beautiful wave, uh!

The water is clear and the fish is out there, so make sure to go fishing and catch some dinner.  I might take my hand line and go get me some as well.

Kees was the man out there.  This little kid was charging on his backside, as you can see.

We do not know who this guy is but he got some time in the barrel, for sure.  Where are you Borrador?

That's all for today boys, the waves should be fun tomorrow as well so go get you some.  Peace!