Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 09, 2016

Hi there!!!. How is everything going on!!!... We fall again in a small waves period. There are some beginners enjoy this conditions and some of the locals still ripping in this size waves. The offshore wind is very nice and the beach looks calm. Check today surf report.

We have two surf spot with some waves coming thru. This One have more peaky waves but mushy wave.

We like to surf in this spot mostly. The waves are three feet. Some surfer are starting to use the longboards, but here Josh is ripping in this surf conditions.

Watchhhaaaaiiiiiyy!!!. Josh is one of the surfer how speen more time in the water in this area.

Maycol was in the sponge!!!. This kind of board are really playful and a lot of people are using for get fun in small waves. Could be good if you have one in your quiver.

Big Z was one of the surfer in the water. He was the ripper, just check some of his turn.

Z is good in barrel, making turns, airs.. Here he is ripping going back side.

And here is Z ripping front side. I want to be like you when I grow Z.

I found to carlitos Perez walking on the beach and I say. Carlitos : Can you go to made something cool on those waves? and he go take one wave and made this air....

I think Josh see Carlito's make a air and he try one too. Those guys are very light so is easy for them go up.

And Josh was motivated. After the first air of Carlos, he made two in road. Baaamp!!.

And this was today action... Have fun and see ya tomorrow. Armando lopez is out.