Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 02, 2015

Happy Monday morning from Nica Land. We are starting the work week with some fun waves. The offshore is soft in the morning and the crowds were light. Check it out.

Something has happened to our Nicaraguan breaks as of late. We are famous for being the land of the lefts, but for the last two months we have had mostly rights dominating the line ups.

This surfer was the ripper in the water this morning. He was making some sick turns on this right. Check how good the size and the shape of this wall is to pass the fins above the lip.

Baaaaaannngggg!!!!!. He destroyed the lip of the wave with this turn. When you get to hit a wave like that it feels so good Eh!!!!.

Wowwwww!!!!!. How nice is it to surf in glassy water. Even you surfboard feels happy. The sound of the rail and the fins is unique. Its is like..... Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Suuuuuuuuuuauuaaaaacccccchhhhh.

What do you think happened to this surfer????? I think he took a pounding.

When most people dream of coming here to surf our homebreak, I'm sure they are thinking of getting a deep tube.  What would ever make you think that?

Hayden is part of the local crew in the water. He have good surf level, so he is always dropping and ripping good waves. It is good to see him in the water, starting a day of work scoring some good waves first.

Here is Hayden with his staple move. He is one of the familiar faces in the water when the swell is big and strong and always is paddling hard to catch the waves of the sets.

This girl it's looking for a barrel. She was almost inside, here she is slowly down to be cover for the tick lip of the wave.

Aaaahhhhhuuuuuuaaaaa!!!!!, she probably it is so stoked to be in Nicaragua surfing this kind of wave.

Bruce is the name of this ripper. Here is the best turn I saw all morning.

This is all for today. We are watching the waves and it's looking good right now, so we are probably going to score some tubitos. Armando Lopez is out. Bye.