Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hello, welcome to another tuesday surf report of NSR. It is a sunny day with good waves, good offshore wind and good crew in the water. Check some of the action in the line up.

One of the coolest man down here Nicaragua is Mr. James koecher creator of the shapeshifter surfboard. All the locals love his boards because really work three time better than any other surfboard we ever test. Here he is catching a pretty right wave.

Mr. James is around 101 years old( Is a joke ), but he is so strong like a young boy. He run on the beach go and back every day, so this is like two miles and after, he paddle out for about three hours straight and check how he dropping the waves like nothing. Here he is using the pig dog style grabbing the rail of his 5'5" surfboard, ( I don't know which of the eight different tails he is using but he is firing).

I want to ripping like him when I have his age. He ripping more than Nacho and DJ for sure.

The left in front the river mouth have some waves occasionally. But we keep just having more rights.

There are a lot of waves between sets. The sets are not to big but have a better shape.

There are two different types of waves rolling today. Some are peaky with "A" frame and some are with long lines. The waves with the long lines have barrels like this one.

The waves are just a hip high, so it is hard to fit inside. If you have a big belly probably will be hard to keep deep in the tube.

Bruce the ripper from yesterday keep like the best ripper of today. Only when I am in the water he is the second. Hahaha.

Lester is competing with Katie to how made the best workout before go to surf. I think Lester it is better, but katie dress a bikinis, so she keep in the first place.

Go Forrest Gump run!!!. Don't lose that barrel.

All the surfers here are surfing really good. Every one is having sick barrels, sick turns, but for the next years we are going big with the airs. Here is Mateo preparing to continue in the top ten of the beach.

Thanks for check the surf report. The beach looks good today, like always. We will have two days of friendly waves and after probably two week with solid good swell, so we need to warm up for have more barrels. This year it is one of my favorites for all the thousands good waves we had. Armando Lopez is out.