Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 01, 2015

Hello party people. Last night all the surfers were having a party in Mag Rock hotel, so the line up was almost empty today. The waves look small and friendly, so is good to paddle out in this sunny day.

The best surfer in the line up was going in left in one right wave. Probably he try to go backdoor, but the lip of the wave caught him before he pass inside the tube.

Some sets keep coming with good size, but the wind is soft so the foam is crumble and the barrel are not open. The corners of the wave it is the best spot for take off the wave.

Just this peak is working today. The low tide usually has the best waves the last few days, but today looks like a day for rest.

The beach look good for a walk. The left look good for a longboard because is hard for a shortboard.

Just for you know, we have a lot of surf product for you if you are down here. If for one reason you loss or broke you sunglase, we have two brand of glasses( Nectar and D'blanc ) with cool colors, style and price

. Not there are to much to do today, so we find a way to made our sunday funday. We took two or the motorbike of we have for rent in the office and organise an illegal racing.

Parker with 220 pounds take the 125 cc Scooter and Nolan with 120 pounds took the 125cc dirt bike. Doesn't sound fair but was fun.

They went around the project who have three kilometers square. I don't know how parker come first, he say he did not trap or shortest route just was full gas all the time. Ok. Amigos, have fun. If you come here and rent our bike plese don't have a race. Armando Lopez is out