Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 02, 2012

Hey people, Brian here, welcoming you to another windy day here in Nicaragua. Gusty conditions today and waves size is variable up and down the beaches today. Out front was small once again, but down the beach the swell was showing more in the chest to shoulder high range. Almost seems like February with all the strong offshore winds. Check it out!

I saw a handful of people out in the lineup at the other end of the beach but by the time I got down there half of them got out so it was almost an empty lineup again. When the sets came through they had some nice shape on them, but you had to put you head down and paddle battle the winds to get in the wave.

Laying a cutback is a lot harder than you think with 20 mph winds working against you.

This corner over here was about the only place with a little shelter from the winds, to bad it was only double over ankle.

Anyone have a kite? I think there's enough wind, don't you?

Plenty of sand on the beach if you feel like testing out your sand castle building skills. Just make sure the kids keep it out of their mouth, I hear it tastes like chicken.

Have you played this game before?    Head high or knee high???  Well, that's it for today, I think I'll do some searching tomorrow and see if I can't find some fun surf on other nearby beaches. Hundreds of miles of surf along Nicaragua's coastline, there's gotta be something. Until then, hasta manana amigos!