Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hi foilks, today we got up north a little bit late because the burro got sick a little bit.  When we got up there the waves were running a little over head on sets and the winds were offshore.  Check it out!!!

Not many people was out in the lineup at all.  There were only about 3 or 4 guys out the whole time we where there.  Check out this dude picking up a nice left hander.

A few girls came by the beach and they put their own show out there.  Hola Musasas!!!

There were a few guys out front doing their thing.  Check out this pal styling on this right.

A few lefts rolled by the river mouth but nobody was out there to catch them.  What a shame!!!

Mr Miles was out there charging some of the better sets we had rolling in. Check him out working on his backside on this nice sized left.

The last shot of the day goes to this buddy charging on this nice sized set wave.  We hope to catch some better ones tomorrow so check back with us.