Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What’s up party people?  This is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you some of the action we had on this November second of 2010.  The waves were super fun, running about waist to chest high on sets with light offshore winds and the lineup was a little bit busy.  Last night was raining pretty hard, cats, dogs, frogs, caws and pigs were falling down and today it was overcastted all day long.  Check out the lineup!!!

First at all we want you to know that today we are celebrating the dead day, one of the most important holydays in Nicaragua. The government decreed a day off for everyone, but we are not included because we work every single day for you guys.   Usually everybody buy flowers in the market and go over the cemetery park to visit our lovely dead parents.

Did we say waves were super fun?  Don't you believe us?  Check out La Bestia Calderon having a blast out there, busting a sick frontside aerial move. 

Everybody in the lineup was having a good time.  Small but really fun waves were coming in all over the place.  This is Gerson "El Botetas" with a cool off the top on this colsed out section.

Even the longboarders were ripping the waves up.  This is Caleb "El Matador" snapping off this section.  Nice buddy!

One of the most beautiful parts about photography is art.  Sometimes I like to get a little artistic to show you the best side of Lucha Libre.

A few of the local grommets were out, taking advantage on some of the cleaner set waves.  Eric is caught here picking up a nice one.

Lots of beautiful girls made it out to the beach, trying to get a nice tan.  Mostly all of them laid down on the beach but the day was not sunny at all.  Anyway, it is always nice to chill out and get a nice TACO DE OJO!!!

The last shot of the day goes to El Corage Hernandez taking the elevator to the highest level with a cool floater.  Please make sure to check us back out tomorrow!!!