Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 02, 2014

Good afternoon. Today November give the first windy day of the month. The morning have this characteristic dry wind that made you thinking about used a t shirt or a wetsuit because the wind cold the air. But in the end you just decide paddle hard and don't stop to catch all the waves you can. The swell is kinda small, the water keep warm but can to switch soon. Check it out.

Not only the birds can flying, couple surfers were giving a air show.

Lester is in the air force. With no plane, just used his sharp eye surfboard.

Oscar.......... used more gas, just kidding. He do air every day and is landing perfect. He is the actual junior champion of Nicaragua. Part of the NSR team. Huuu huuu.

Ok. Junior is the last one in the list, he keep learning, but he is tough guy, one day he will be challenge for the bigger wave, I can see that right now. The last year he have his first perfect barrel and now he is getting barrels every day.

I am boring to talk about Lester. Other tube in his list and i know too many will keep coming. Poor his life.

I think he spends more time inside the tubes than anywhere else. (When Kiki is not here). :)

Clean and nice little tube. Who wants one? There are about eighty per day.

Exactly like him, just go with the flow.

Goodbye. Theo take the camera today. He made a great job. I hope you enjoy the daily report. Keep tune tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.