Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 01, 2013

Hola amigos, we made it early to the beach this morning and we found something weird, the winds were blowing strong sideshore (coming from south).  Usually we don't get this kinda winds early, but anyway we are not complaining.  There were still some fun ones rolling in and the water was great.  Check out the lineup!

We had still some nice sized sets breaking in and this guy grabbed a couple of them.  Way to go amigo!

We had some nice jewels out there and this guy was in the right spot for this one.  Sick waves even with sideshore winds, that show you guys the potential of this wave.

Even the insiders were super fun.  Here is caught this dude with a solid ride all the way in.

The waves were definitely clean enough to shred on some sections.  Cool turn by this unknown rider.

Some sweet barrel sections to charge as well.  Commitment for it!

This guy was ripping hard all over the place.  Hacking it!

Mateito on the last shot of the day, trying to get under this little barrel section.  Buenas tardes amigos!