Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hey everyone, Brian here, bringing the report to you this first day of November. Well, the conditions are just right, but too bad we don't have any swell. There's a little bump out there today but not much. I went down to get a couple shots and there was no surfers in sight! Only about knee high out there today, that's why. I figured I'd ride around and see if I could find something to shoot.

I thought to myself, " there's gotta be a ride-able wave around here somewhere."  So after driving around a little bit I pulled up to this trail and decided to take a look.

My eyes just came over the sand dunes and I saw one guy sitting out in the water all by himself and not a whole lot of action going on. So figured he's gotta be out there for a reason, and wait for a minute.

Ah hah! That's what he was waiting for! Imagine if you had this all to yourself?

Another empty peeler coming in with one guy out! I think he was a little surprised as well because he was just sitting there watching the waves go by.

I sat and watched for awhile to see him catch a wave and this was about as close as he could get to his feet. We've all been there before, gotta crawl before you can walk.

Two other surfers down the way were talking to each other, "I'll go out if you go out", debating if it's worth the paddle. What do you think?

Well, maybe just maybe we'll have some bigger surf for the weekend. Pray to the surf gods or whatever ritual you do and see what happens. The waters nice and clear for spearfishing or fishing out on the boat, so get it while you can. That's it for today folks, hasta manana amigos.