If you want a solid wave across all of the criteria, look no further than Panga Drops. This isn’t the best wave in Nicaragua; however, if you want a fun wave with spread out crowds, consider Panga Drops. Additionally, it can be enjoyed by all skill levels, at any tide, or any swell direction. Located at the north end of Playa Colorado, this wave is a deep-water, horseshoe reef which magnifies swell and produces shifty lefts and rights. This spot holds every swell size and can be surfed every day of the year. Don’t knock it until you try it. ADVICE: Panga Drops breaks pretty far out and is affected by strong offshore winds, most common in the dry season. Try checking it out on a solid swell with light or no-wind and you’ll be trading big, shifty peaks with just a few friends. WATCH OUT FOR: Stingrays on the inside sandbars and strong currents inside!