Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hello. November look good, the waves were a little better than yesterday. Today I woke up and I look the parking full of car. Why so early? The best time is in the afternoon. Check it out.

Five people in the water, a lot of good waves, the 90% look like this one.

I am not kidding, Lester made my day of photo easy. He ride that left for about ten meters.

The people from New York was talking about the best surfing in his life. Some waves made they have that feeling.

Left and right, Nick  was exhausted of one hour surf session. He go back to the condominium with big smile.

Lester just have one more barrel in his life. He not is in the top twenty in the Nicaragua ranking, because is too busy surfing his way. He is the Pipemaster Nica.

Remember this peak in the photos from yesterday. Keep the same.

Today this place show way is the best spot for surf in our coast. Is the barrel machine. So proud to live here.

The locals are working hard right now, just Lester keep in vacation.

Kiki is a good girlfriend. The only work for Lester is stay away from other girls. That means you can spend all your time on the water.

Ok. mis amigos. Everyday is a gift, so you know what to do. If you can surf just for a hour, you day will be better. Have a great night. Armando Lopez is out.