Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The new swell started to show up today and we are very happy with it.  Chest to head high sets were rolling in today and the winds were nice offshore.  Check it out!!!

Bunch of people made it out to the beach and they were taking many fun ones.  Here is caught this unknown rider racing down the line of this left hander.

La Bestia Calderon was out there, ripping all over the place as always.  Here he is busting fins out with a sick frontside maneuver.

Raaaaaaaaaaaandy made it out to the lineup and he was doing his thing as well.  The Deer setting up for a nice hack.

There were some nice rights coming in by Machete Pt and this sponger was out there taking advantage on some of the better ones.  Watch out for the rocks pal!

Everyone out there was very happy with the great from waves we had coming in.  Unknown pale rider going big with a cool little floater.

This is Peter coming back to the house with a sick roundy.  Check out the spray of that thing!

We are heading up north tomorrow, hoping to score some sick ones.  Please check back with us!!!