Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Hello friends, the swell though small surprised with good waves. A day with good sunshine and few people in the water.

Our friend Kevin from Florida began the session with this cute barrel.

Rights and lefts were constant. Here we see Lenin looking to be deep inside the curtain.

The offshore was steady all day. Surely it was possible to have two surf sessions.

Some wanted a free horse rides but after half hour the horses were still free.

Tony Z suddenly came and began to have many tubes.

Here we see "Z" seconds before disappearing again into the tube.

Today was like a little pipe machine. Some tubes were very clean with good form.

Low tide was the best option and at least three peaks were working today.

The sandbanks are fine, ready for the new little swell we are waiting for the next days.

"Aloha" Roray Kam from Hawaii, Cappy, Blonde Hair from Florida and some of his friends visit us. Here we see them enjoying Tona beer and waiting for the afternoon session.

 Ok. Armando Lopez is out.
Thanks and see you tomorrow.