Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 09, 2011

Today the winds turned onshore but there were still a few lines rolling in.  Chest to head high sets were rolling in and the lineup was not crowded at all.  Check it out!!!

Our very own Borrador made it out there and rode a few decent ones.  Here he is about to try a sick no hander pull in right before the rain start pouring.

Here we have a small inside left with a little section to hit.  This is our new friend Slish from Israel.  He and his friends timed their trip perfectly and scored some super fun swell.

Here is another one of the guys from Israel with a cool speed runner.  This one is of Sach doing a nice backside turn where it counts.

This is the last one of the group; his name believe it or not is Mr. Chicken.  He was catching some of the best waves we had out here today.  Not a bad way to spend your Sunday morning, sharing some waves with your friends.

For our last action shot of the day, we have one of the local rippers going hard off the top.  This is our buddy Oscar showing us all what local knowledge will do for you.  Every time we make our way up here he gets better and better.

The forecast looks a little gloomy for the next few days but we are hoping to score some fun ones tomorrow, so stay tuned with us.