Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Hola amigos, another day of small but super fun waves in Nicaragua.  The offseason is blessing us with sweet conditions and lots of rideable waves.  It was kinda cloudy today, at some point we had some showers but the good news are the offshore winds.  Check it out!!

King kong getting ready to got out.  Stretching out super early!!!

King kong paddled out and right away he got some fun ones.  Working on his pig dog ride!!!

As soon as the tide started dropping the conditions got better.  Spliting a nice peak!

Juancito was working on his backhand tube ride skills.  Practicing for the upcoming swell!

Sr. Snider made it out and he was able to score some nice ones.  What a beautiful wave, uh!

Snider Jr did make it out as well and he was trying to find some barrel sections.  Just need to find a bigger cave buddy!

The lineup wasn't busy at all, so there were some sweet ones with no takers.  This one got your name on it!!!

Locals know how to get barreled, even on small waves.  Way to go chabalo!!!

Nice little jewels to take out there, and no crowd around.  This could be you, if you want!!!

Looking from the beach, the winds are looking great offshore.  Hopefully stay like this for the next few days.  Aloha boys!!!