Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre Garcia is here with your Thursday surf report.  Today we stayed around San Juan del Sur area and we went down patrol to the beach.  Head high waves were rolling in, winds were sick offshore and the water was nice and warm.  Check it out!!!

We took a couple of local surfers with us and they were shredding.  Waltersito with a man fan spray!

Mr Deodorant took a ride with us as well and he was charging on some nice sets.  We have to say that Axel only has been on the shorboard for a few months and he is doing great.

The show belonged to La Bestia Calderon and you will see why, if you keep checking down.  Here he is blasting fins out with his signature move.

There were some sick ones rolling in down the beach and nobody was out.  What a shame!

Rex La Bestia Caldron with the barrel of the day at Super Tubes Nicaragua.  Shot 1, dropping in and setting up!

Shot 2, getting in the hot spot!

This is a sick barrel so keep checking.  Shot 3, getting deep!

Shot 4, he's gone and you wont see him in awhile!

Still going, shot 5.

Are you still there Bestia?

Shot 7, and even deeper!!!

I almost kinda want to quiet shooting!!!

Shot 9, and going!

Oh my god, is this really super tubes Nicaragua???

Shot 11, I don't know maybe he is not coming out of this thing.

Wooooo, no more words!!!

It has been more tham 6 or 7 seconds since Rex dropped in on this wave and we haven't see him since then.  Come on Rex!

Shot 14, you can see him right behind the curtain looking for the door!

There he is doggy dooring one of the sickest barrel I've ever seen at this spot.  Yewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

That was amazing Pellejito!

Borrador was part of the small crew that drove with me this morning.  Check him out with a sweet man fan hack!

Did I mention that the waves were super fun?  Who want some of this?

Wesley Mattews Junior was taking some nice ones too.  Trying to get some shade!

That's all for today boys, please check back tomorrow!