Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Hola amigos, esperamos esten muy bien.  Hi folks, we hope you guys are doing great.  Lucha Libre is back with another report from down here in Nicaragua.  The ocean got a little sick today but we still had some waves to ride, it's been raining all night long through this morning but we are not complaining because we already had lot of amazing surf.  Head high waves on the bigger sets, variable winds and no crowds.  Check it out!!!

El Codo Lopez was the first guy out this morning, 6am morning sesh by yourself, no bad at all.  Come on Codo, just one more pump and pull into the upcoming section.

Since we got some rain and the lightning was not as good, we tought it was a good day to work on some filters.  Just different colors to share!

A couple guys from our neighbor town made the walk this morning and they got some.  Unknown peludo taking a decent left.

We had a few rippers out there doing their thing.  Cool off the top by this shredder!

The big ZZZZZZZZZZZZ showed up to check it but he didn't paddle out.  Still having a good time in Nica, Toni?

This guy found a sick section to pull in and stay away of the rain.  There were some fun ones coming in as you can see.

On the last action shot of the day we have Codo Lopez again, this time dropping in late and missing one of the better waves of the day. Danm Codo!

We finished our surfing day and went to get some work done at some of our rentals.  Codo and Adolfo working hard, shoveling some material!  The swell is dropping and we are supposed to get some rough conditions the next few days, but keep an eye on us.  Take care!