Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hey everybody, how's it going?! Welcome to the midweek surf report at NSR with Parker. Check out our fun morning shots!

Before we begin the action, we want to wish all the Nicaraguans a happy Independence Day!! Enjoy the next couple days off from work and swing by the contest at Playa Jiquilite this weekend!

At the beachie, the waves are small and rippable. Regardless, that didn't stop Oscar Espinoza from showing off his trademark tricks.

Textbook form... Keep scrolling down...

It wouldn't be an Oscar roundhouse with the hair flip!!! Did you know that John John stole that claim from Oscar???

All the local boys were ripping this morning. Despite the imperfect conditions, they were all smiles and had a good time!

And they were launching above the lip. Carlos Perez is one surfista who has dramatically improved his air game.

Him and Lesther Espinoza just came back to town yesterday. For the past month, Ian Masaway and Don Cords have been stoking them out and surfing throughout Central America.

And now he's back in his favorite place! His most favorite place would be a heavy overhead tube but this will work a for few days.

How is that color?! The rain and onshores bring a deep blue water and refresh all the thirsty flora.

If we are doing a report for all the locals, Josh Springfield's name needs to be mentioned. Keep ripping bro... harf!!!

Kevin Cortez is also part of that elite crew of surfers. Check out his Instagram- he's been uploading some insane footage lately!!

Conditions should be similar for the next few days. But did you see the swell that's coming!? Fingers crossed...

After a week at a sick right point break (so 1,000+ waves), Lesther is ready to show off his frontside rail game. Keep shredding amigo!

His brother, Oscar, took the high road all morning. He is one of the best aerial surfers at the beach.

Josh never watches from the Beach Club's sideline. Instead, he'll surf 6+ hours everyday.

While we were surfing together, Carlos packed a sick tube. Otherwise, today was marked by punts and airs.

Hopefully the winds stay offshore and blow a touch harder. Lesther can stick with the floaters for now but we'll need some tubes during the next swell!

Ok damas and caballeros, enjoy your Independence Day! Stay safe driving and relax with your family. Thank you all for checking out today's reports and hasta en la manana amigos!!