Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hola amigos, we've got Lucha Libre again with your Saturday surf report.  The waves were fun today, even with the hide tide.  The winds were light onshore and sets were running about head high.  Check it out!!!

We went down patrol to the beach, hoping to beat the winds and we did.  It was the last day for Mr Alex Smith and he had fun.  It was nice to have you down here Shaq!

The waves right in front of the river mouth were fun as well.  Unknown rider dropping into a sweet left hander.

There was definitely some size out there, as you can see on this shot.  Going backhand!

A few chicks made it out and they were able to score some nice ones.  Here is caught this one with a solid ride.

Eric chicken de pollo is also leaving soon but today he was not worried about it.  He just wanted to get some fun surf.

It was nice to see everyone out there getting some real waves.  Way to go amigos!

Last action shot of the day goes to this brazilian dude.  Nabbing a nice lefty!

Nica ladder  for some cocos.  Please check back tomorrow!