Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hello my people,,,... We woke up early to surf because we probably will have the onshore wind coming in the noon. There is a peak working with a easy drop, but a heavy slab barrel. Check it out.

The wind is light, the wave looks like a wind swell wave. Only this peak was working good.

Well, the waves still overhead that is a good sign. This surfer with the green t shirt was taking a lot of waves, riding the right most the time.

The wave break soft from the peak and this is how the lip of the wave looks. There are a lot of perfect waves working today. The waves are looking weird coming to the beach, but in the end the beach form good.


The left was rude, but have tunnels make able. The last few days this wave don't look too heavy but there are a lot of surfboard broken.

This surfer get one of the clean wave. I see people checking the waves and they probably think the waves were orrible, but the true is always there are good waves. The problem is in your mind to think the waves are bad.

Check how easy was the drop of this right. This man have a lot of time to wait for the wave charge and be ready to the tube.

And here is again the guy in the green shirt getting another tubito. He take more than four tubes today. What a day???.

The right was probably more perfect. There are some waves with a long line, but there are waves like this one with a short ride.

This time is during the tide coming up. The waves looks small from far, but this wave is easy shoulder high.

Most the people was trying tubes because the wave was rude after the peak, but this surfer hit this wave in this part and look really good with power.

OOOh Yeah!!. There are some heavy left!!!!. This man decided to pull back and don't be crushing for this nugget.

Probably the waves will be better with the high tide. Was a offshore rain passing over us this morning after I took the photos and normally that help to the offshore wind stay longer.

And just for you know tomorrow is the independence day of Nicaragua, so we gonna have a party in Don Eloys bar and restaurand, just to selebrate the fact we can drink!!!.....Be there from seven to late in the night......

Ok. Mis amigos. Have a fun day, we will try so hart too. Salud amigos!!!. Armando Lopez is out.