Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 14, 2015

Hello party people. The ocean is really calm right now. Some waves keep coming to the beach with good shape. The people in the line up was so happy when they see one good wave arriving. The surf forecast say the waves will keep small for the next few days, so it is time to use longboards.

I was checking the surf spot to see how the waves are working in one point that usually have good waves all year. Check it out the action in this point.

The right was the call in this spot. Like how i say this point have waves even when all nicaragua is flat.

I saw this surfer shaping this wave going close to the beach to charge more the wall of that wave. He probably know there are some reef in the bottom in that part of the beach.

And he have a result. He made the shape waves have a little curtain. I know this is a tiny tube, but how many surfers can say they made one tube today. Probably just him.

If I see one surfer celebrate a trick, even when it is small, I think it is important because is one achievement. Be happy all day buddy. Probably was you first tube for him.!!!?????{{{

This wave was a little soft today, but some surfer know how ripping in this conditions. I know for some surfers from Florida this waves conditions are perfect, because they know how handle.

Yeah!!!! Josh.... You know how surf in small waves. I see this little man surfing waves from one feet to some bumps of six feet. This is why he can spend more than two millions of hours per year in the water.

This right save the day for a lot of surfing today. Almost all of them were using short board. The offshore wind was increased during the day, so was better surf in the morning.

Here is Sarah in her funboard shape, she surf in this spot usually and I saw her riding this right so many times. Sarah always found the nice wave before come back home. We always want to come back home after a good wave, so go surf and made sure have a good one. This is all we need per day. Armando Lopez is out.