Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hello everybody. The offshore wind is super nice and the waves keep having ( A frame ) with some sets overhead. September is the month of the Nicaragua independence and usually the waves are good. Check the action.

Check the solid barrels rolling in right. There are some peaks working again. All the people in the line up was exhausted with all the waves coming to break with good shape.

Here is one of the new faces in the lineup. There are new surfers here this week and some of them are good.

For a few hours I was watching a lot good turns of these guys. Probably you will see some sick tricks this week.

The waves are smaller today compared to yesterday, but more consistent and both tides are good.

All the locals were out the water today, so this surfer was taking care about the airs 360*. This is not a young surfer, but he is doing really well.

Bannnngggggg!!!!!!. Today was really good to see all this surfer killing the waves. All over the place have ripper.

Today the waves are breaking close to the beach. Just paddle out was a little hard.

The surfers were ripping because they want to impressing the girls on the beach. For sure if there are pretty girls watching me, I will try to make airs in front her.

A lot of clean barrels again. The water is super clean,warm and green like a Smeralda.

This right was the call to get a barrel. More than ten people have one of this one today.

Well. Not to many left today, but a surfer found this tiny left and get this tube.

I have a big bag of barrel for you. I just paddle out for an hour and I get a lot of wave with good lines. If you stand up and watch the waves for a minute probably you will be exciting to go running to surf.

Wooowwww. Check the water in the air.....These surfers are making nice the Horizon.

Ok. Amigos. This swell have a bunch of good waves. We are taking the most waves we can. This is a wave garden and we are like a kid. See you there or check the report of tomorrow to see how the waves keep rolling. Armando Lopez is out.