Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey boys, Lucha Libre Garcia and Armando El Codo Lopez here with your Wednesday surf report.  Yeah folks, El Codo and I took our cameras out and did our best to get some good shots to bring you some of the action we had on the beach straight to your computers.  Head high on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and sick water terperature and color.  Check it!

Lefts and rights were coming in all over the place, and as you can see the crowd was light.  Codo got this one from his Helicopter!

The action from down below looked super fun as well.  Unknown rider stallin' into a nice inside section.

Meanwhile the left down the river mouth was doing its thing.  Who wants to get some?  Come on down and let us hook you up!

Carlitos Caliente just made it back into town and he went to check the surf out this morning, sharing some feelings with Codo on the beach mean while that guy in the background throw down a sick turn.

How about some Lucha time now?  It is always nice to get more energy to your photos.  Here we caught this pal about to backdoor this sick left hander.

A couple of longboarders made it out and they were able to score some nice ones on their big boards  Deep in the flats on his backside!

Codo Lopez did really good on his second day out with the camera.  We do not remember this guy's name, but this is a sick shot!

Everyone in the water was having a blast, dropping into some sick lefts and rights.  Check out this big guy working on his backside, just holding the rail and relaxed.

Mark Foo scored some of the better waves of the day.  Can we call this a LEFT HANDER?  Sicky!!!!

It is time for a little sequence.  Shot 1, about to throw some buckets!

Man fan spray?

Yeah, nice hack man!

Super fun waves all over the place today.  If you happened to be out there let us know because we might have some shots of you.

El Codo Lopez getting his thing done.  Welcome to the club DUDE!

We are hoping to score some fun ones tomorrow as well so make sure to stay tuned with us.  The waves were nice and clean boys!

That's all for today folks, please check back tomorrow.