Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hello everybody. The Waves are waist high and soft, really good for longboard, funshapes or good for people who is beginning to surf. The wind is sideshore. Check it out.

Well. Yesterday was a Saturday night and it is a big party every day for five days down here for the celebration of the independence of Nicaragua, so imagine what the surfer are thinking. (Small waves, good party). One of my buddy( Clayton) just wake up right now and is already 3:30 pm.

A lot of family from the capital Managua are chillin here just relaxing for the stress of the big city. This place is beautiful so this is all what they need.

The few visitors from the State decided to accompany our bartender the Magician( El Mago ) because he can do magic drinks and make them feel happy.

We are missing surf, so we are singing some melancolic somg to brings the waves. Hopefully Parker with all the acesories and the nice Ukalele convinces to the ocean to send big waves for us this coming week.

Well. You can smell the festivities in the air. The beach boys are having a BBQ in the beach with hot dog. That it is good idea to the Sunset time. Save twenty for me and Parker.

There are people asking for waves with nobody. So here is.

Parker said I don't have the biggest biceps at NSR. I think he is wrong. He is just taller than me. Ok. Amigos that was all for today. Hopefully there are some surfers in the water tomorrow, but the best party are the next two days, so we will see. Armando Lopez is out.