Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 12, 2011

The winds switched to onshore today so we decided to hang around the bay in San Juan del Sur and snapped a few shots.  The waves were kinda fun and a few locals were out doing their thing.

El Corage Hernandez took his big board out down the beach and he was able to ride some fun ones.  Here he is getting to the nose of his giant panga.

Very often when the winds are blowing onshore, the bay is the best spot to ride some fun ones.  Even the gringos understand that now.  Check out this buddy riding his bike on one of the main streets in town.

It’s nice to see everyone out there having a good time.  La Bestia working on his backside!

Everything is so green right now, that’s every tree looks gorgeous.   If you happen to be thirsty there are lots of coconuts too.

La Moronguita Negra was out there as well, riding some nice form lefts.  This guy hasn’t been out for a while, because he’s been studying a lot and that’s good.

The move and sequence of the day goes to Rex with a sick backside maneuver.  Shot 1, getting to the top!

Shot 2, blasting fins out!

Shot 3, spinning around!

Shot 4, is he going to land it?

Shot 5, yes he landed it.  That’s all for today folks.  Please check back tomorrow.