Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yo, this is Taco with the report for today. The waves were chest to head high with light offshore winds, a mellow crowd and super fun. How's this apex wave grinding down the line.

Huuuughhhhhhh! This guy is throwing buckets on a beautiful gaff.  Nice lighting clean turn and style. Hey buddy we have the whole sequence of this amazing turn so hit us up.

This is a local grom who lives down the river next to this spot. HIs name is Lester and everyday he gets better and better, here we have him boosting a solid wheely air. Yeah Lester great job bud, keep it up.

Boom! this is another local grom from Gigante. He's the phenom growing up in paradise surfing the sickest waves. Here he is going for his patented ally-oop which he pulls regularly.

This is the cuidador for Casa Colorados, Seth, laying down a mean frontside cutback throwing massive amounts of water.

This dude found himself a nice little cover up on this right. Getting the vision is what people want when they come down here and this guy got it.

This guy's name is Mustard. He used to be a great body surfer at the wedge in Newport, good thing he switched to surfing to get this little tuck and cover barrel when no one was out.

Looking good Mortimer.

Feeling good Randolf.

Almost there.

Eying the exit.

Clean exit, nice job, Mustard.

The last shot of the day is this beautiful sunset that Nicaragua produces every night. Sometimes it doesn't get any better than this. This is Taco saying buenas noches and we'll get back to you tomorrow.

Hi folks, this is Miguel Mora bringing you a little bit of the action we had in the second and last day of the last contest at Playa Madera’s this year.  Fortunately the waves and the winds were very good today.  Here we have this cool shot of Playa Madera’s.  Check it out!!!

We had the semi-finals today and everybody was trying to get a good place in the last contest at Playa Madera’s.  This is Elyin from Limon 2- Salinas looking good, ripping on this little nugget.

There were a lot of international guys looking all the action from the beach.  They were very happy to be here, taking some photos and enjoying of this beautiful and sunny day.

On this shot we have Rex “La Bestia” Calderon, he was doing his thing all day.  Here he is going big to the top of this small but fun left hander.

We had a free expression session surf, best maneuver would be the winner.  Everybody was doing the best to be the beater and not the beaten.  Here we have Yuber and Calibili about to switch boards in the air.  As you can see nobody was worried about get injured it was all about proud and winning the prize..  Nice try folks!

The lineup was not crowded at all today, because the entire beach was only for the competitors.  This is Raul from Venezuela with a sick backside shot, he was ripping all over the place. 

On this shot we have our very good friend Jose “El Corage” Hernandez, he was catching lots of wave.  Look at him with this little floater on the closed out section.

Lets take it to the podium now:  Juniors


*1 Rex "La Bestia" Calderon    San Juan del Sur

*2 Yuber "El Jocotito" Martinez     Limon 2-Salinas

*3 Gerson "El Botetas" Ramos      San Juan del Sur

*4 Geiner "El Tapa" Granados      San Juan Surf


*1 Dunia " La Pinolera" Burgos

*2 Rosa "La Pailita" Martinez


*1 Luis "La Baloy" Chamorro     San Juan del Sur

*2 Rex "La Bestia" Calderon      San Juan del Sur

*3 Augusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro    San Juan del Sur

*4 Raul "El Venezolano"        Venezuela

Body Board:

*1 Nestor "El Nanito" Cascantes      San Juan del Sur

*2 Eduardo "La Belleza Pomares     San Juan del Sur

*3 El Gas Arriba                                    San Juan del Sur

*4 Kike Cascante                                 San Juan del Sur

Super Pangas: 

*1 Jose "El Corage Hernandez     San Juan del Sur

*2 Oliver "El Mono" Solis                 San Juan del Sur

*3 Randy "El Bambino" Laurito                    USA

On every contest we have had a sweet raffle of a brand new board.  Here is Baldo about to give the board away.  This time Allan Billavicencio from La Boquita was the lucky man.  He was eliminated on first day of the competition but he was lucky enough and won this brand new board.  Congratulation dude!

This is the National Surf Team that is going to represent our country on the next Central American Surf Contest at Playa Maderas on November 20th, good luck everyone.  We want to say thanks so much to all the people who made this possible, hoping that everyone keep supporting the Nicaraguan surfers in all the upcoming events.  Thanks and we wish the best to everyone!!!