Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 11, 2015

Hello my friends. We keep having a little of swell. There are four peaks working. Some are soft, but the north peak have some bumps occasionally. Check it out.

It is the mid tide and the tide is going down and the waves are hitting strong the sand bank. Check the foam of that explosion.

Today are a lot of rights. Here is the second peak with small waves, friendly and some (barrilitos) rolling.

I was in the NSR Beach House and see the main peak surprised to everybody in the line up. Check these surfers paddling out to past this wave. Was one of the biggest waves to i see during this session.

Some of them testing the washing machine. Go deep buddy!!!!!.

There are some lefts occasionally. All the morning was good and the waves keep rolling good now. Looks like the both tides are having good waves.

The swell is dropping to the next days. So the waves will be nice. Probably we will have some days with nice wind and waves like this one.

The third peak. This wave not was breaking frequency, but when break have one of the sick barrels today. Because needed like a half hour to come again and always was empty.

Check it out this tiny nugget. Have power and open barrel. The last four days in the sunset time the waves were good and some small and sandy power barrels were rolling.

One of the visitors try to catch one of this good rights and he missing!!!!. Hoooo!!!!! Nooooo.... sorry bro!!!!. Just check how that waves was rolling.

Empty!!!!!!!....... This peak has the best right really make able today.

Ok. Amigos. Thanks to check the surf report and hopefully you have a good waves in your homebreak to score some good barrels. If you not have this surf condition made sure come here and test this beach break. Armando lopez is out.