Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hola amigos! Brian here, with your Tuesday midday report here in Nicaragua. Well, we're still waiting for the swell, still not showing much, waves only about waist to chest high again but still fun. A little soft with the tide filling in fast this morning but if you waited there were some nice rides to be had. Winds are steady offshore now, it was going back and forth from sideshore to offshore early. Check it out..

A little cloudy at times so some of the shots didn't turn out as bright as when the sun was shining, but I don't think this guy cared either way. Sliding into a soft little left.

It was another good day for the girls to get out, waves were definitely fun and playful for beginners and experts. I'd be stoked just to get in the water, scorching hot out today!

Craig, who was here not too long ago, couldn't stay away from the waves here in Nicaragua. Had a blast the last time he was here so he's back for more and loving it with the low crowds! Styling on that cutback!

A few nice rights coming through and lining up all the way to the beach...even when it's small, such a fun wave!

A couple longboarders made it out as well. Normally this wave isn't longboard friendly, but on a small day like today, you can catch em early and keep on cruising.

On the other end of the beach, not a sole in sight. Just looking down the beach you can tell it's almost October, everyone's in school and heading back to work. Aaaahhh....peace and quiet...and maybe a few barrels with just me and my friends..haha. That's it for today, make sure you pray for waves when you go to bed tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be bigger...(according to forecasts), who sometimes are reliable as the weather man. Hasta manana!