Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 10, 2012

Hola amigos, Brian here again with the report for Monday afternoon. Well the swell still hasn't arrived yet but still some fun waves out there, waist to chest high and maybe a plus peak around. At least the winds were blowing harder offshore today giving the waves some good shape. I bet a lot of you back in the states would consider these waves awesome, just wait and see what the week brings!

Surprisingly there wasn't a whole lot of people out in the water today, I guess everyone's waiting for the "big day".  Here's Lester on a nice little right.

Met a group of guys from N. Florida who just got in last night and are staying in the NSR House. Lucky them, they just left good hurricane swell all warmed up to surf some solid waves here in Nica. One of the guys, wasting no time letting loose without the crowd.

Lester on another frothy little right, after a while I think he was the only one out!

Lester once again, throwing buckets!...It was a ghost town out there!

That's it for today folks, hopefully the swell will start picking up tomorrow so we can bring you more action from the beach here in Nicaragua! Adios amigos!