Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 11, 2010

The final is on!!!

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you a little bit of the action we had in the first day of the last contest at Playa Maderas this year.  Unfortunately the waves and the winds were not cooperating but everybody did their best to have a successful day.  It was running about chest to shoulder high on sets with onshore winds all day but it died a little bit in the afternoon.  Check it out!!

The tide was super low first thing in the morning but the wind wasn’t too strong.  Here are these two guys sharing one of the cleaner sets of the day.

Later on, the rain was pouring for about an hour but we kept going with the contest.  On this shot you can see how strong the rain was.

There were some stormy waves coming in too, but there were definitely some nice sized waves in between.  This is Elyin from Limon taking down the stairs on this one.

The day cleared up little by little, but the winds kept blowing on. I decided to take the water housing out and I was able to snap a couple of cool shots.  Here is Rex with a cool off the top on this left.  He was beating everyone on his heats easily and he is ready for the semifinals tomorrow in both categories.

This is William “El Vergazo” Gazo so excited to take this one.  He is also part of the semi final heats for tomorrow in the open category.

A few beautiful chicks made it out to the beach and were showing us everything they have on their sexy bathing suits.  Hola Rosita!!!

Some international surfers got into the contest but no one is alive for tomorrow.  Check out this one with a nice backside shot.

Today I focused on taking some life style shots because the surf was not cooperating.  This is Edwin posing of the water camera.  I had a couple on the head but it was fun.

On the last action shot of the day we have Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro with the shot of the day.  He almost landed this one on my head.

La Baloy Chamorro was part of the show and he successfully made it into the semis as well.  We want to invite everyone to come by tomorrow and if you are not around you just have to check back with us tomorrow.