Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, the wind has been funky from Hurricane Ike so I wanted to throw up some cool shots from a couple of days ago.  These shots were sent in by our friends over at Iguana Surf Retreats.  This is Jimmy Rotherham from Salvador, who's been visiting us for the last couple of days.  Jimmy grew up on the rt. point breaks of el Salvador and is widely considered one of the best surfers in Central America.  I'll tell you one thing, the kid knows how to bust some air!

Let's see, we've got Tequila, salt, cigarettes, coca-cola, cheese and crackers - yep, that's all we need!  Let's party!  Jimmy and a couple of shady bros throw down after a solid day of surf.

Yo Soren, check it out man - you made it on NSR!  Thanks to Iguana Surf Retreats for sending in these shots.  Lucha and the boys will be back later with todays surf report!

Our good friends over at Surfari Charters would like to let you all know they are crushing the Dorado right now.  Check out this nice four-pak and the happy campers holding them up.  Invite everybody over to their place tonight because "we gots fish tacos for everybodys!".  As you all know by now, onshore wind brings in the fish and nobody slays 'em like the Surfari boys.  Thanks for sending in the photos guys.  Keep 'em coming...(and save me a baggie!)

Hi everybody, we are Lucha Libre and Come Pan Panic bringing you the action from out here at Maderas.  Today we went out to the beach with 2 of the best local surfers in Nicaragua, we are talking about Los Hermanos Chamorros who were out taking advantage of the light off shore wind that we had in the morning.  Yeah folks, it was a decent day out here with some head high sets coming through and the wind blowing off shore during the morning, because later at noon started to rain and that brought the ON SHORE wind once again.  Check it out.

The roads are getting bad with all the rain that we had lately.  Today the main river that we have to cross to get to Maderas got fixed because it was too deep and more than a truck got jammed there.  Here is the still machine doing its thing in the river mouth.

Today a couple of cute chicks made it out to have fun during the morning while the wind turns back on shore again.  Here is caught one of them bottom turning a nice sizeable left.

On this shot we have “La Baloy” Chamorro practicing his aerial skills because he’s going to Salvador at the end of this month to participate in the International Quicksilver Pro event where many of the best  Latin American surfers are going to be and try to win this very important tournament.  By the way he’s thinking about to take Sir Rex Calderon for the Junior contest.

Always when we have a lot rain the rivers and the ocean washed a lot of trash on the beach.  So today we made a beach clean up at Maderas with a couple of international friends that helps us out to keep the beach clean.  Here is a shot of all the plastic and all kind of stuff that we picked up this morning like in 2 hours.

We are constantly trying to make some new friends on the beach.  Today we met this guy named Josh from Florida who has been coming down here for the last 3 years.  Here he was caught riding a nice looking left.

Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro wanted to make his own show as well.  Meanwhile his brother Luis was flying all over the place he was scoring some sick and powerful snaps.  Check him out on this shot with a cool front side move.

On the last surfing shot of the day we have “El Italiano Loco” smacking the lip.  Alright folks, the wind is supposed to be OFF SHORE all day long tomorrow and hopefully there will be some fun waves coming through.