Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hello everybody and happy Humpday! Welcome the NSR report and this is Parker uploading today's shots. Click that read more button and scroll down!

The waves are still in the small and fun range. It's easily chest high with sets rolling in around shoulder high.

Will Kulinik is rocking his new board from Geizie and Riderz. Check out how his new craft amplifies Will's efforts.

Bam!! Will surfs a rippable reef everyday and knows how to throw buckets. He is the lip's worst nightmare...

At the lower tide, Berkeley found fast and zippy waves. One those waves and on his new Tomo Vader, you'll fly down the life.

Then you'll find a punch rampy section to hit. Come on JJ, your dad and I are watching so show off what you got bro!!

For being mid season studying form, his surfing is great! Unfortunately, he has to leave soon to hit the books again. In the meantime, look for a friendly face flying above the wave.

Rachel joined him for another trip down here. She brought her new Roberts Black Punt and has been shredding. Rachel, keep smashing the lip harder than JJ!

Peter joined the ninos for the skatepark session. We all had to go for a surf to burn off his delicious breakfast burritos.

The session would have been perfect if the Brom joined us. Here's a perfect right rolling through for that legend.

Yesterday, Armando posted a picture of a sick colorful lizzard. Today, I found a Luis Bienteveo enjoying the NSR Beach House pool. Ok Codo, your turn!! Let's see what you find next time.

Others were enjoying the beach and impressing the ladies. I'm just jealous because I could never flawlessly complete this trick...

But his buddy rocked it with style (and a Star Wars shirt). Due to the slight breeze and partly cloudy skies, today is an epic beach day! So put the electronics down (after you finish reading out report) and go play outside!!

Be like Will: surf everyday and be happy with whatever the conditions provide. But, don't take the first decent wave and forsake the nice set wave behind it!!

We are supposed to receive a new SW bump tomorrow. Lately, the beachies have been super fun on the small cross up swells. Fingers crossed...

We are ready for some bigger tubes. If you can set a line, squeeze, and hold on, you'll still get barreled today. The incoming tide might bring some more size too.

Maggie was out ripping and nailing all her cuts. A couple other ladies made it out too and showed the guys what's good.

Ok damas and caballeros, stay tuned for the weekend bump coming. We appreciate you checking out today's shots and it's time to go catch a few nugs. Hasta en la manana amigos!