Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello everybody. This is the Monday surf report. Some locals, Parker and I were checking the low tide to see how the waves works. There are three peaks working, so the people in the line up were dispersed. Lester and Kevin were doing airs because they say was a good day to do that. Check it out some of the good waves today.

As always Lester start getting the best wave in the line up. Check the kinds of waves this locals surfer have in they garden.

Lester was doing the airs with a little of extra energy to trough more water in the air. Kevin was watching this, so he not far behind.

Both were going in the airs so many times. Check the air show.

Kevin was mixing some of his best airs 360*. Some he made and others not, but were really good to see.

With the three fins out the water. Is not like the Jordy Smith, but he think so!!!!

Here is Kevin again, looking for a air rodeo. He was more than half way to make this one. Almost bro!!!!!.

Parker found a long right. He follow this wave almost until the border to Costa Rica in the South.

Is the day off of Parker and this is his second surf session. He say both were good, so he has a great day.

Here is Parker looking to made a cut to end his wave. Actually he is the surfer in the first picture in the wave in the report today.

Mr. John was surfing in the right breaking in front his house on the beach and he was smashing the corner in the waves. Check one of his good waves.

Others surfer put attention when he made a bottom turn, because a good turn is coming from. Check this one.

Here is Mr. John going up to hit the lip of the wave. Some surf trips to indonesia made to this man have a good surf level.

Bannnnngggg. Mr. John was ripping. The locals have respet for him, because they know he never miss a wave.

The people in the line up was getting some good rights too. Here is one visitor enjoying to make bits this wave.

This girl have this wave breaking left only for her. She was making some sick turns.

Ok. Amigos. Here is Lester using the razor to shape the hair of this wave. There is a new swell coming the next day, so we hope the waves increase tomorrow. Check the surf report. Armando Lopez is out. Have a good night.