Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hello everybody! Welcome to the NSR report with Parker. The swell filled in so we had a great morning session! See for yourself below primos.

At last!! The ocean was resting for a week but now she woke up and gave us a few presents in the mananita. You can still squat down in the tubes, but you have more room to manage.

Check out the lip!! Don't get caught in the guillotine. The waves were faster today so you had to set a good line.

Diego snuck into a couple beauties while everybody else was still sleeping. He will be doodling this picture in his work notes when he returns to Brazil.

Check out this quick Youtube clip! Johann and his buddy Mateus paid us a visit and they scored. They would have more footage but they didn't want to get out of the water to film!!

We were expecting a peaky swell filled with tubes. The tubes came but some of the waves were lined up. If you sat in the right spot, you could score a gem!

Diego was all over it. He paddled out 30 seconds before he locked into this backside beauty. I don't think his hair was even wet yet!

My friend Brian Bishop is visiting from San Diego. He found a couple thick walls to carve. Check the spray in the next photo!

Shwack!! Seeing big guys rip and demolish the lip is always rewarding. Come rent one of our big dog Hypto Kryptos like him!

Unfortunately, the skies were cloudy and grey. Every other condition was perfect: water color (super blue), water temperature (warm), texture (buttery), and the crowd (five people spread out). What more can you ask for?! Ohh, and the waves were great!!

Meet Luke Craig. He's a super mellow Australian ripper who lives in the community. You'll find him fishing, surfing, or working.

Or smashing the lip!! Let's see you catch some more monster Mackerals, Luke!

He likes to slip under the curtain too. Even the in betweeners were opening up for a quick dip.

Conditions should be similar for the next couple of days so finish up your work and get ready to surf!! Get out and refill your barrel tank!

Ok chicos and chicas, it's time to log off and get a sunset session. Thank you all for checking out today's shots and have a good upcoming weekend. See y'all out there!!