Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello fellow surf enthusiast! This is Alex giving you today's surf report. Today was another day of hot weather. The waves were small and not that hot, but still plenty fun! Medium offshore wind and warm water. Check it out!

Even on the small days, there are a number of fun barrels that roll through. This rider found a perfect little left!

There were also many ramps to boost off of. This ripper threw a nice punt on a right!

What did I say about the perfection of the mini tubes? Check out this local who found a sick one!

Many of our vacation rentals are beach front properties. You could be staying right here to witness all the action!

Some waves today offered long rippable shoulders. This shredder made two more turns on this wave, cumulatively displacing large amounts of water.

This lucky man got the barrel of the day. Check out this sequence!

Shot 2 getting low and setting up in the brownish room.

Shot 3 pulling the curtain closed.

Shot 4 squeezing through the collapsing brown room.

And he is out! Nice one amigo!

Here is Sam with a nice floater. He was getting a bunch of fun waves today. That's all for today folks! We will see you tomorrow same time same place.