Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 10, 2012

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre here with a quick update for your friday surf report.  The surf was fun today, running about chest to head high on the bigger sets, we had some stormy conditions early in the morning but later in the day it cleaned up and we got some fun surf before the winds turned back on.  Check it out!!!

Today a shoot for a little while with my good friends from Fl.  Ted Key pulling into a nice squared section.

Tomy Lee Jones getting slotted on this nice right hander.  Are you enjoying the view from in there pal?

And the new member was having a blast on his boggie board.  Welcome down my friend!

And the last member is Jona going big with a cool little floater in the inside section.  It was nice to meeting you all my friends!

The conditions cooperated for awhile and everyone had a blast out there.  Check out this unknown surfer styling on his bottom turn.

A couple of chicks were out, shredding all over the place.  This is Steffi Kerson with a sick backside snap.  Steffi I want to see you get barreled soon, ok?

Classic version of snow balling.  This would has been the barrel of the day for sure.  Sorry Lester, this is why you do not have to do it either!

Ricky Bobby was ripping all over the place.  Attacking the closed out section, makin' it look so easy!  Shake and bake bro!!!

It wasn't all about barrels out there as you can see. A few guys were just blasting fins out all over the place.

Sick frontside barrels, cool maneuvers, sweet waves all over and good surfers.  Check out this guy pig doggin' on another sick right hander.

Mr JJ Kerson is a little hurt but he didn't resist the tenptation to go out and get some.  Did it pay off JJ?  I guess it did!

Eric chicken de pollo with the last shot of the day.  That's all for today pals, please check back tomorrow.