Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hello primos and primas!!!. Here we are in another surf report from Nicaragua. The ocean give to us nice waves every day. During the morning the waves were good but a little soft. The high tide is more consistence and stronger. Check it out.


Congratulation to the big Panda Bear Maurico Targa Black Turbo in his Therty Six year old. He keep rocking chargin some of the good waves in our homebreak. You tha man Bro!!!!. We have a few Flor the Caña bottles for tonight.

My buddy is first surf generation from Managua and always will be in the surf hitoty. Have a great day brudda!!!.

One hour with the high tide coming in was the best time in the last three days. Here is one of the first sets with good shape when the sand bank start having the right volume of water.

The waves are a little bigger and strong comparing with the waves from yesterday. The offshore wind is not to strong and is a little sideway.

Here is the lucky surfer from the afternoon. He was sit down in the right place to paddle and catch this wave. Here he is making a button turn in time and is looking the pipeline.

We can see here a overhead wave, this wave is open the tube really good in front our friend. What a good wave, bro!!!!. Here is you vacation memories.

I don't know how many days you were here already, but you made the surf report today one less thing in you list in this trip. Congratulation for this tube.

The line up is full in the morning, but during this time no was many surfers. Everybody is surfing in the morning and don't check the wave in the noon.

I can't resist to take a photo to this little friend. He is so exotic!!!. Check the sick colors of this lizzard. If you have a camare, it's easy to walk a few meters out you house and see a lot of kinds of insect and reptiles.

There are some rippers out there. Here is this man tuning with a lot of speed in the corner of this wave. We start see more lines coming to the beach. It's not to big and there are lines.


Ryan Watters is the man on the waves. He was killing every of his waves. He was flying making sick cuts and all kind of tricks. We probably will to see more of his surf skill, during this week.

We were looking for Nemo!!!!. Where is Nemo???. Really this cute puppy is hunting the gaviar hidden under the sand.

Ok. Amigos!!!. In the last shot we have to Chocoyo making his seal. He have good style making cuts in the both direction backside and front side. The waves are good in the sunset time so go surf. Armando Lopez is out.