Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 17, 2012

We’ve got Lucha Libre Garcia here with a quick update for our Thursday report.  I was chilling with my camera all day long on the beach today and it did pay off.  Super fun head high sets were rolling in the winds were nice offshore and the water was warm.  Check it out!!!

The rights were holding up better so everyone was on them.  Ketto from Fl getting his butt into a sick backside barrel ride.

Everyone was styling off out there.  Frank going with the classic stand up post.

How about Jeff taking his hands to his back and about to get some shade on this cool right hander.  Way to go bro!

Nathan was blasting fins out all over the place, and here we have this little proof.  Sick aerial maneuver on his frontside!

Ben Bourgeois just got in today and he was chilling like a Billy waiting for the best moment to paddle out.  Welcome down big ripper!

Johnny Tranquilo too cool picked up some of very few sick lefts we had today.  Check me out mom I am in the barrel, believe it or not!!!

How about some local knowledge now.  Lester pulling into one of the many sick right handers we had out there.

We didn’t get this guy name but he was also getting some fun ones.  Check him out working hard on his backside, with a cool pig dog!!!

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  More waves on the way so keep an eye on us!