Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Sunday surf report. The waves were pretty small, so we took out our long boards and fishes and had a good time. The weather couldn’t have been better. It was sunny all day and the water was super clear. Come Pan climbed up the side of the mountain to get this sweet shot. Check it out!

First shot of the day goes out “The Godfather.”  We weren’t looking to score epic waves, we just wanting to go cruz and chill on the long boards. Here is Godfather doing riding the nose!

The Chika Brava girls were out there learning to surf in some fun waves. Here is Maite, the most recent contest winner, commanding the girls in the lineup!

Mateo “Guineo” was stoked to take out the Godfather’s retro fish. Nice turn buddy, let that mullet fly!

Jeremiah “Chewy” was really excited, as usual. Here he is with a two shot sequence of the “Jax Beach Facial” - right on our beloved “Guineo.” Later Mateo was heard saying "nothing looks better than a wet mullet!"

We headed down to the Marina to see what was happening for the spear fishing tournament. We want down there twice and nothing was going down except for these Nicas wrestling each other off the docks!  Here's a little sequence showing a bunch of little guys can take over the big guy.

Leaving the docks we found “Lester” our favorite Billy Goat. He was so happy to see us that he let “The Godfather” go for a ride! Pancho didn't you ride a bull yesterday in that same shirt! Laundry time? Tune back in tomorrow, hopefully the waves will get a little better. Peace!

...and remember, you can click on any of the above photos to see more shots in the NSR Surf Shots Galleries.