Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 18, 2012

Hey boys, what’s going on?  Last night we had some rain and some stormy conditions, making our day a little tough for photos (cloudy and humid).  I got to the beach this morning and there were already a few guys out.  The waves got smaller today and many of them were kinda closing out, so everyone out there was playing on the little waves, busting some cool airs, doing some cool floaters and having a good time.  Check it out!!!

Jeff paddled out and he scored one of the very few little barrel sections.  We actually have a cool little sequence of this little nugget bro!

Noa Cocoa got a little lucky as well, and he got himself into this little peeler.  Nice job Cocoa!

This unknown riper was blasting fins out all over the place, really working hard on his backside.  Sick 180 air on this shot!

Did I say working hard on his backside?  Now enjoying the view in this little jewel!

TR La Leyenda just made it down this morning and he got some decent ones already.  Sharing some tips with Melon Comelon.

And now doing his thing in the water.  Throwing buckets in the inside!

Clay taking the elevator to the second floor on this closed out section.  Nice and smooth!

Jeff was also working on his aerial skills.  Where is your camera man?  I bet you still have that shot from last year, don’t you?

The last action shot for today’s report goes to Nathan flying through this sick little section.  Way to go pal!

Alright folks, that’s all for today.

This just in, apparently Captain Lance is getting pretty good with the water camera.  He's got this sick shot of Austin last night, right before sunset.  I am glad he's not taking photos on land because he might take my job, ha ha ha.  Keep them coming primo!!!