Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi fellas, we are Lucha Libre and Chewy bringing you a little bit of the action we had on the beach today.  The waves were kind of fun,  the whole day but this time we were not able to get lots of barrels.  It was head high on sets with light offshore winds during the morning but later in the afternoon the winds switched to light onshore but it was still rideable.  Check it out!!!

There were a few ladies charging out there in the lineup this morning.  This is India showing us her backside style with a sweet maneuver. 

We had some sick waves rolling in and Kevin sat in the right spot to caught one of the better ones.  Check him out getting into the green room on this sweet potato.

A few dudes were ripping it up all over the place.  We didn’t get to know this guy but we have to tell him that we got a couple of cool shots that he can take back home.

The local kids have been trying to improve their aerial maneuvers lately.  This is Manuelito showing this guy how is done.  I bet that guy was pretty scared because that little kid almost landed this one on him.

This is Mike from Fl, one of the Pancho’s best friends waiting for the right time to get into this one.  Mike scored some of the better waves we had rolling in today.

We don’t get to see many guys charging on a SUP at this spot but we have to say that this guy was killing it on that thing today.  Check him out going down the line of the river mouth on this right.

I don’t know how, but we always get to know some cute girls on the beach.  I hope I don’t get killed by any jealous boyfriends in the future.

This is Roberto (not Lucha Libre) with a nice tube ride on this sweet left hander.  As we said before the wind got onshore in the afternoon but it wasn’t that bad.