Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hot Off the Press!!  Click the image above to check out the latest article from The Nicaragua Dispatch featuring an interview with NSR and a little history on how this whole adventure got started.  Big thanks to Tim Rogers for the article!

Waves are still SUPER fun today and winds are offshore this morning...we are all surfing now so stay tuned for photos later!

Lucha Libre reporting here from somewhere in southern Nicaragua.  The waves were super fun today and everyone out there was living their dreams.  Head high plus on the bigger sets, sweet offshore winds and warm water.  What else you can ask for?  Check out the lineup!!!

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One more day with this funny and nice crew.  They all went out this morning and got some fun ones.  DecachiMike pig dogging on a nice left. 

Jay Bay was ripping it up today, trying to get a nice view out of the Go-Pro.  Check him out going a little vertical on this one.

6’5 tall man made it out and got some surf as well.  He makes that wave look small but it isn’t a small wave.  Way to go Hittman!!!

Jaison hand draggin’ on this cool little right, expecting to find a nice and exciting section.  Well done mi amigo!

On the last shot for these guys we have Mike on one of the few but nice lefts he had today.  He was all by himself down the beach, taking advantage of the better ones.

As you can see there were some sick ones rolling in by the river mouth.  This is Jeff about to pull into this jewel.

The left was also doing its thing.  Unknown rider deep in the flats with a killer bottom turn.

The locals owned it today, as always.  Carlitos charging on a sweet mini bump!

And now Lester scoring the wave of the day.  We got a sick sequence of this wave, too many to post.  Check out one of the many money shots!

Chilly Willy getting ready to get some shade on this sick left hander.  We have a cool sequence of this wave pal, so let us know if you want to check it out!

There are always some gnarly wipe outs out there, when the waves get fun.  Ouchhhhhhh!!!

Yes boys, ouchhhhh.  Brandon from Georgia paid some big taxes today.  Really huge taxes, I would say!

Last action shot for today goes to this unknown guy, going big with a cool floater over this closed out section.  Did I mention that the waves were super fun?  Well, it was fun!

Hold on boys, guess what’s for dinner?  Yes you got it!  Please check back tomorrow.