Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hi folks, we are Lucha Libre and Taco de Pescado with the Saturday surf report from Playa Maderas.  It's small but there are still some fun and rideable waves out there. A lot of people came out to the beach to surf and enjoy the sun. Check it out!

Like we said it was really crowded out there today. Here is another shot of the lineup showing just how many people were out there. No one really cared about how good the surf was, everyone just want to go to the beach and get wet.

Here is our first rider setting up for a 'would be' barrel section on a fun little right. Only if is was a few feet bigger.

We saw Larry "Cara de Venado" out there practicing some of his acrobatic moves. We will all be super stoked when he finally pulls this backflip. Va pue!

This is a pretty sweet shot of a bodyboarder going for the almost standing floater. Since Jairo "Come Pan" was no where to be seen this guy was killing it. Jairo you have some competition next time you get in the water! (Good work with the mini waterfall in the foreground Lucha Libre.)

We were not too stoked about the waves being so small, but it did allow a bunch of families to get out there and surf together which is pretty cool. Here we have a grandmother and granddaughter about the hit the surf and snag a few waves.

After surfing we headed out to the field to support the soccer team that we sponsor. Here is a shot of the best soccer team around, "Team NSR". 

For the last shot of the day we have our goaly, Jairo "Come Pan" Panic, going all out block to this shot. Way to put it all out on the line for the team Jairo! We have pretty fun waves on tap for tomorrow so check back!