Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Hello everybody, early morning the waves were good and nobody in the water. Check it out. Later in the day the waves improve a little more, so tomorrow morning could be a day of barrels.

This size is only the medians. Good shape and a little fast but possible made out.

The best wave!!!! Four feet and slow. The wind was strong, so stop the wave and open the tube. Check it out.

Perfect speed all the way. What you see, it what it is.

What you think? Look the lip of this wave, a little heavy. Now you only imagine, when the wave spit out.

Were a local fishing contest today, the best were there. The bags have the capture and they just are waiting for the next round.

And the waves keep overhead, no kidding.

The left is shorter, but is the wave for a big cut back.

Esteban is spending good time using longboard. I saw him riding a wave for around fifty meters long.

The chair in front the (Chock drops house). Perfect spot to be in romance with the ocean. Check that beautiful wave.

Ok. Amigos, here's Oscar Espinosa. Now every day he is fishing and getting fish to home. Armando Lopez is out.